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So, who are we and why should you listen?

Nicole Schmied Marketing
Nicole Schmied Marketing

Hi, I’m Nicole Schmied and this is my co-host, Matt Deulley. I’m like a human jump-starter and a money detective. I’m also a mom and a marketer with an MBA. Matt is a dad, a room-energizer, a rule-breaker – and he’s also an attorney. We both entered and exited (read: ran away) from the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship.  

If you’re looking for a HIGH ENERGY, TACTICAL podcast designed to support you through ‘shiny object syndrome’, we’ve got you covered.

If you routinely have business idea after idea (after idea), but then you FAIL AT KEEPING UP with all-the-things (we’ve been there), we’ll help you move your ideas forward.

If you’re looking for polished, perfect stories … stop, go find a guru. But if you’re looking for real world, WHAT’S WORKING RIGHT NOW – lean in.

If you’re sick and tired of FEELING IT’S LONELY at the top and want that one place filled with driven, high-achievers who ‘get you’ – that’s us!

If you want to connect to a PROFIT-DRIVEN COMMUNITY so you can have a sounding board and feel less alone–we’re making space for you. 

Not only do we interview serial entrepreneurs

we’re sharing the good, bad & wonky of our businesses too.

 Yep. Real stories. 

Applicable to more than one business ? Check

Not the same tired ideas? Check

All in 30 minutes or less?
Checkety, check, check. 

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