Like a deer in the hi-beams of an 18-wheeler, there you are frozen with a blinking cursor. You’ve been here before. You need to make a social media post, but your mind goes blank. 

What am I supposed to post? What do my followers want to hear? How can my post be helpful to a follower and helpful to my business at the same time? And what do I post tomorrow? There’s got to be an easier way. 

Sound like you? Same.

I’m happy that my life isn’t on the line, but I want to avoid being social media roadkill too. I was struggling with finding an easier way, so I started digging through my newsfeeds. I made a long list of anything I enjoy seeing from the businesses I follow. Then I nixed anything that I couldn’t tweak or adjust for a future post. Why re-invent the wheel? If you’re looking for repeat-worthy social media posts (with some business examples to help you brainstorm), bookmark this page. 


Show Off Your Workspace

Whether you’re in an office, a restaurant, or installing windows, your followers will be intrigued by what you see every day. Even if you think it’s ho-hum and boring, we look at it and think, oooh, we’re behind-the-scenes! Here’s the catch, this post also doubles as a great motivator to keep your workspace tidy. But don’t spend gobs of time cleaning up for the post. The more authentic you are, the more we’ll be intrigued. 


Use Video

That thing you’re holding, your phone or your laptop — it’s pretty powerful. Show us what you’re up to! If you’re a realtor setting up your Open House sign or setting out cookies in a gorgeous, drool-worthy kitchen. Show us and say hello! Maybe you’re in the office, clear the clutter behind you and tell us about any announcements or updates home buyers need to know. 

Or maybe you have something you can tell us in a how-to video. Even if it’s short. Recently, I asked my friend and local business owner April if her customer’s ask her the same thing over-and-over again. She had a few answers and we created a Boomerang clip, a super short video clip to answer it. People will continue to ask, but for those who never would have asked, she answered their burning question with social media.

Ask Questions

Wondering what your customers want to see in social? They want to see you being social. Ask them a question! What would you ask if they were in your space?


Start a Contest or Giveaway

Whether in person or online, do you know what else people love? A legit giveaway. This deserves reading a separate blog post, but my favorite new tool is called KingSumo by Sumo and they take all the work out of tracking your entries.

You choose your giveaway, an image, type in details and KingSumo does the heavy lifting. Not sure what to give away? Think broadly. I suggest something that complements your brand but does NOT only consist of your branded products or services. If you’re a home cleaning service, suggest asking a fellow vendor or partner to pitch in cleaning solutions, gadgets and maybe a month of home/office cleaning from you.

But a giveaway is more than a one-and-done marketing promotion. You’ll collect their emails, they’ll invite others to share your Facebook page or Instagram. Maybe you’ll enter them when they request a quote or visits your blog. That way you’ve created some marketing buzz and they’ve signed up to look out for your next promotion. This is one marketing gem sparkles like a freshly mopped kitchen floor! It just seems to go on-and-on!


Comment & Repeat

Be a standout! Because not enough brands do engage until something goes haywire. Scroll through your feed and find 2, 5 or 10 things to post a comment, either in your business profiles or on your followers’ posts.


Shout Out

Make someone’s day. Tell them they’re special, that you need them. Maybe it’s a customer or an employee or a local vendor. Maybe it’s a city official who stopped by your place for a meet-and-greet. If you can tag them, all the better.



Plan ahead or go spontaneous, bonus points for choosing something that matters to your business. When September 29 or National Coffee Day rolls around and I’m reminded of how we announced we were expecting Fall of 2016:


Actual Holidays

I have a theory. Holidays might be the one time of the year, nearly every gift-giving, retail or services business has social media figured out. But do you? Is there an opportunity you’re missing here? This is a big deal. Reach out and I’ll help you brainstorm for 15 minutes.

Seasonal Tips

People forget stuff. Does your business have seasonal tips you could offer? As a contractor’s kid, I grew up seeing how different weather patterns mattered to my dad and a clients’ home. He didn’t have social media to remind or share information, so I learned all of his tips when new customers called for estimates.

They didn’t know that the rainy season meant you’ve got to remember to double check your downspouts are shooting away from your house. Otherwise, it mimics a basement leak.

In fall time, leaves make for cluttered-gutters making it easy for rain (and later ice) to backup your roof and cause a leak. And before cold temperatures hit, be sure to put your garden hoses are disconnected. Everyone knows the last one, but we forget.

If you’re thinking, I’ll use those house tips, but my business doesn’t have a season. I disagree, even if you sell software, you have budget-planning and a budget-spending season. Get ahead of the curve, plan a tip once a week and be a resource for your followers.


Funny Meme

Entertain me or teach me, that’s the two goals of the internet. Find a meme or create a meme that’s appropriate or relevant to your audience, post it. Repeat often.



Tell them what’s coming up. In your office, in your community or your current schedule. I like a format that indicates this is a special post. Such as [brackets] at the top of the post. For example, if you’re promoting a new download on your website. Maybe you’d type something like:

[New eBook] Get our latest ideas and save truckloads of money at tax time. Download today!  



Speaking of trucks. Stay with me on this one. How did you get to work today? You did get to work, right?Cool, so did everyone else. The next day you work — look for an everyday moment, a small treasure that you can share with your followers regarding transportation. Maybe it’s how your products get delivered or shipped out. Maybe it’s the how full or how empty a parking lot is. Maybe it’s a tip about road construction. We’re all out there making our way, share the view from your place and give us an instant connection.



These faces are the backbone of your business and yet you only announced them to your followers their first day. Wait, you have introduced the newbies, right? If not, there’s a post. Introduce them, one at a time, once a week. When you’re past that, tell your followers something about them. Maybe they bought a new home, congratulate them. Did they celebrate a birthday? Ask your customers to shower them with a message. If they don’t already, let them guest post for you.


Go Outside or Get Inside

Aside from the window installer, most of us work inside or outside, not both. But we go to the opposite for our work too. Is there a delivery or Starbucks run in your future? For the outside team, I bet you have paperwork to do too. Show us, we can’t even imagine it until you do.


Zoom In

Did I first see this in a Highlights magazine in as a kid? There would be an enlarged image and you’d have to guess what it is. Do the same for your audience. Just make sure it’s something they’ll want to see at the end. A gym owner might zoom in on the bead of sweat on a weight lifter’s forehead. A dentist wouldn’t zoom in on a cavity, but instead maybe a healthy x-ray or smile. People of all ages love seeing strong people and happy smiles.


Give Hints

Tease out a special, upcoming offer. If you’re in retail you could try something like: This weekend, there may (or may not)  be a sale on your favorite products! Comment with some of your favorite products and we’ll let you know if they made the cut.

Of course, as people comment, consider including their ideas on the list. If you don’t commit to a percentage off in your post, that’s okay! You’re just giving a hint. (And giving yourself time to figure that out later.)

Don’t Be Deer Antlers on a Wall

Have you ever been faced with a deer on a dark road? Did you yell, ‘MOVE!?’ Did they? 

This post is the same thing I want for you, to move! Don’t let the 18-wheeler of social media roll over you.

You need to take one action. Move. Type. Post something. Repeat. (Later, you can add actions to plan your calendar.) Today, get started with a comment below or reach out for more ideas here. What’s your idea?! Or hey, be a dear and tag me in your next post so I can like, follow, and share it!