Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

We’re all distracted, right? Give your web visitor an easy-to-navigate website that works from any device all while they make dinner or wrangle a toddler in Target. Swipe my top five ideas for your website.


Write Copy That Converts

Imagine your words are like perfume in a department store. Too much is too much. You miss the best stuff. Your website should be crisp, clear but it should still sound like you – a super cool human wrote it! I’ll help you ditch the robot-voice and connect with your visitors in a meaningful way. 

Make Your Money Work For You

After finding over $35K in one year, we teach SmartCookie’s Cash Stash Method to help you finding and grow your bank accounts. I’ll help you get a handle on your spending without being a slave to a budget.  Every dollar should be working just as hard as you do. Give yourself a raise when you sign-up for my free 60-minute LIVE webinar.


Work Your Social Media Plan

Get a handle on your social media platforms. Hire someone or don’t, but start posting 1-2x’s a day.  Get a plan, a list of prompts, and schedule it out. No more staring at a blinking cursor. Or hire someone else to be create engaging posts and timely responses to your visitors.


Is Being “Social” Stealing Your Time?

Have you caught yourself staring at [insert your favorite social media platform here]? You start scrolling. You read other posts. Then you get called away. Did you walk away without posting anything? Again? If it isn’t your full-time gig, social media will steal your time. You know, the time you could spend managing your other non-social-media-agency business. Like your law firm, daycare, or dental practice.

People Forget Stuff.

Be their Post-it note. Stay top-of-mind by showing off your glowing reviews, photos, new products or services. Remind them why they already love you. And for the love of dinner reservations, help them remember their loved one’s special day! Your bottom line will thank you. And so will they.

Bad Reviews Happen To Good Businesses.

Like a good suspense movie, your online audience is waiting (probably eating popcorn) for your response to bad reviews. What they don’t realize is you didn’t see the message yet! You’re running the rest of the business, doing payroll, fixing the copy machine, and emptying the trash.  Get someone in the Director’s Chair! Don’t miss the opportunity to win a customer back and wow (!) the rest of your audience Indiana-Jones-style.

Not Sure What To Post?

You have their attention. Now what are you gonna say? Your customers (and potential customers) are scrolling through their newsfeeds every day and every night. But you’re stuck. What do they want to hear? Get fun, engaging and newsworthy ideas that show off your business and your personality.
What are you waiting for? More customers are right around the corner!

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