Want new leads and more sales – without the gimmicks?

The SmartCookie Sales Method™ is a three-part LIVE workshop series + marketing plan to help you ATTRACT new leads, INCREASE your income, & STOP guessing at your marketing.

Just when you need it most – right now.   

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Why marketing plans FAIL and the #1 SECRET for growth.
(Hint: it’s not making TikTok’s & it’s not get rich quick schemes)


 The four-step framework that helped me sell $24,797 in a single month. 
(Yes, working from home, during a pandemic, very little childcare. No, I don’t have a sales team.)


The ONE TOOL that’s keeping your business in Brokesville and how others are using this very framework to attract clients, increase their revenue and end the hamster wheel of guess-marketing. 

Push Button Profits

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What if I offered to show you how to see which of your marketing efforts are working, which are "leaking" money, and where your profits are secretly hiding? I do all of that in this private workshop for private clients -- get the link for free today. 

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