Thinking about refinancing your home or auto loan while you wait out COVID-19? Interest rates are back at an all-time historic low…a silver lining for borrowers in the ugly COVID cloud. One of the most important steps to refinancing (pregaming, if you will), is making sure your credit is in the best possible shape so that you will be offered the best possible interest rates.

As a former licensed loan officer, I have a SmartCookie hack that has worked for me and dozens of my past mortgage clients.  By following this hack, I have seen jumps in credit scores from 8 points, all the way to 38 points! And while 8 points might not seem like a lot, that can be the difference in interest rate tiers which puts money back in your pocket, month after month!

I’ve helped many clients over the years, with wildly different credit situations. But regardless of the situation, I always suggest this 90-second hack. I’ll walk you through a process, step-by-step, using one simple website. The mild disclaimer is that this may not work for everyone but for 90-seconds of your time, why not give it a shot?