My favorite SmartCookie money hack? Spend it!

Wait…what? How many of you have clothes in your closet that still have the tags on them? Or clothes that you wore even though they weren’t flattering, just because it was easier to just keep them than to make a return. Add up all those price tags and failed returns over the last few years and I bet you have spent close to $1,000. In this video I share with you how Stich Fix has saved me, in more ways than one. And if you want to shop with me, they’ll give us both a few bucks to shop!

Not only have I saved money over the past few years, I have saved the time and energy that is spent with trips to the mall. And even worse? The repeat trip to the mall when you get your items home and decide you really don’t like them that much after all. (Raise your hand, who’s with me?) Now add to that a toddler, stroller, and winter coats. Shudder.

I’ll show you how simple (and fun!) shopping with my personal Stitch Fix stylist can be. With Stich Fix, you can share your style and interests through Pinterest and get exactly what you’re looking for. I’ll walk you through the unboxing of five pieces and I’ll even try on a few! Once you see how easy, I know you’ll be a Stitch Fix fan.