Want to know where your competitors drop the marketing ball?

As humans, we like lots of things. Clothes, sports, cars, jewelry, food, toys and vacations. But nothing gets our attention the way a happy, fulfilled person (or groups) of people do. So yes, for starters I want you to find images with people in them.

But there’s more.

Your next customer wants you to help them transform. They want to envision life with or life after they’ve purchased your product or service. Are they happy, stronger, smarter, skinnier when they wear, drink, eat or use your product? Show it to them.

You might say, well, I don’t have a product, it’s a service. Services work here too.

Here’s a few service ideas to get you started:

Maybe you win a court case for them, what does that smile and relief look like outside a courtroom. Capture that! Don’t capture a cold, sterile, scary looking courtroom or office.

Maybe you’re a pediatrician, capture the look of that kiddo when he gets his sticker at the front desk.

Maybe you’re a photographer, and you think, ‘I’m already showing off pictures’. Your pictures are beautiful, but you’re missing out on better pictures for your home page. Improve your sales and the customer experience when you show specific images, like, the fun you have behind the scenes with your client’s, or when grandkid gives Grandma a framed photo.

Maybe you’re a restaurant, who can capture laughs around your tables. Please quit taking pictures of empty restaurants unless you’re trying to sell me the chairs and silverware. People need to see how memories are made one bite at a time.

Note: There is lots to say about taking a great image that works on a website, good lighting, different angles, wider shots, closer shots. Contact me if you need resources or a referral to a photographer in your area.


Update your website (or ask your designer) with images of people interacting with your product or service. If your budget can’t support a photographer, I love istockphoto.com for affordable, high-quality photos you won’t see on your competitor’s site. You could get totally free images on a site like pixabay.com, but I would caution to use them on your blog (like I do) as you’ll likely see them on other sites.